1.       Is it safe to purchase medications and products from Medcineshoprx.com?

It is completely safe to buy medicine from us. We offer all branded and generic medicine from direct manufacturers

2.       What is the difference between generic drugs and branded drugs?

Generic drugs are of same high quality as like the branded drugs, but are not patented. These contain the same active ingredient that contributes to the functioning of the product. Also, generic drugs cost lower than branded drugs, as the manufacturers do not expend overly on marketing or developing these medicines.

3.       What is the best time to get in touch with the website?

You can contact us 24*7. Place the order anytime, we will immediately respond to you. You can connect with us over live chat, email address or toll free number.

4.       Is my transaction secured?

Your transaction is secured via trusted payment service.

5.       Do you offer free shipping?

You may not have to pay any additional charges for shipping, but only the total cost for the product.

6.       What is the Refund Policy?

We can provide refund for undelivered good in 30-days money back policy.

7.       How do I track the order?

When the order is accepted by our system you will get your account login details from where you can track the order easily.

8.       Is there any hidden charge?

No, there is no hidden charge applicable on products. We work on transparent purchase policy and wish to strengthen our bond with customers.

9.       Do you have discrete packaging?

All the products delivered are shipped in discrete packaging. Only details on the package are about return and shipping address.

10.   Do you default at shipping?

We make 100% delivery, but in case you have not received the product due to an unavoidable reason, we reship the order or make refund of the total cost paid.

11.   What other facilities can I get?

You are entitled for free shipping, running discounts, and returning customers can benefit with additional offers.