The privacy policy of is to make customers associating with us safe and sound. Any data that you share with us is kept confidential and not shared with anyone. To establish a professional yet healthy bond, we take care of protecting your privacy to the fullest and never print medication label on the package, which is delivered to you.

·         All information such as phone number, email address, credit card or payment details are secured with the website via our in-built security system. None of the information is shared with unconcerned party, thus protecting your privacy to the fullest.
·         We do not misuse your email address and in no way sell it to third-party agents or utilize the same for any marketing purpose. Your email address is used only for business purpose and we do not clutter your inbox with marketing emails, but only notify you about the product and order status through email.
·         Your browsing session is secured, and we do not take to any fraudulent ways to track your details in unprofessional manner.
·         You can update your profile details whenever needed, and have complete control over your account. The updated details will be safeguarded as like the previously fed information.